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Beginner Courses

Archery Courses at Samford Archery Park, the home of Samford Valley Target Archers

The Samford Valley Target Archers provides archery introduction courses and these are held at Samford Archery Park.

Please refer to the brochure on archery at our club which is based just north of Samford.
The club welcome seniors and juniors to join and many parents do the introductory archery courses with their children.

Archery is a life sport and we have members from 10 to 80+, and many families participate.

Our facility at Samford includes outdoor target fields as well as indoor facilities, ideal for wet or hot weather, and we continually improving our grounds.

Cost for the course is $99 for a Saturday morning beginners course come and try session, from 07.45 to 11.30, all equipment inclusive.

Courses for 2017
Course # Month Date Booking
1 January 14th January FULL
2 February 4th February FULL
3 April 1st April FULL
4 May 6th May FULL
5 June 3rd June FULL
6 July 1st July FULL
7 August 5th August FULL
Extra August 16th August. Exhibition Wednesday Special 1-Day Course Book Online
8 September 2nd September Book Online
9 October 7th October Book Online
10 November 4th November Book Online
11 December 2nd December Book Online

All equipment is provided to beginners. Induction Sessions for those who have completed a Beginners Course and want to join the club are the week after the beginner course.

Once you have successfully completed a beginners course you can apply to join the club and do an induction session. You will need to be a member once you have completed the beginner course but by then you will have decided if archery is for you.

After beginners course there are other options such as self improvement via the OzBow program and later other training sessions.

There is generally hire equipment available at the club, though later you should plan to buy your own equipment.
Members are of cause required to follow our strict rules and policies, which are focussed on safety.

Membership for adults is $185 pa and for youths under 18 membership is $130 and this fee includes club membership, affiliation with South Queensland Archery Society, membership of Archery Australia, and also includes insurance, allows you to compete at interclub events and it helps sustains the SQAS officiating and coaching qualification programs. The family rate is $370 pa.
Day range shooting fees for members with equipment is $4 for adults and $3 for juniors or while hiring club bow $10 per day.

You will need to also advise if there are any medical, physical or intellectual conditions that we should be aware of and if you have an injury or medical condition you should seek medical advice.