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Here are the current club records:

Compound Barebow

Compound Freestyle


Recurve Barebow

Recurve Freestyle

These files are updated on a regular basis by the Club Recorder. Please be aware that delays in receiving score sheets from non-club shoots (ie QRE's, State and National shoots for example) will delay the updating of records.




Archers are requested to use the Record Update Request form, which should be used to notify the recorder if an archer finds what they believe to be a mistake or they have shot a round record and it is not listed.  Assistance in identifying errors and missing data will greatly improve the records database.  Please leave forms in the white records box at the club.  All claims will be checked and modified where verified.

Most importantly, club records will only list the highest score of any archer in their particular age and bow division; hence some records may be missing as data has been lost where records from other age groups have been transposed over other age divisions.  In such cases, please assist the Recorder in updating the records by using the Record Update Request forms above.  Also, an archer is still recognisable as having the highest score for a particular round, but all age divisions that have shot that round will be posted based on the highest score for that age group.  This recognises both the highest scoring archer for a round, as well as the best archer across all age groups.